Federal Summer Job Announcements

It’s very important that as you start searching for open jobs, that you take the time to read the job announcements thoroughly. If the details of the announcement and application guidelines are overlooked or not followed precisely, your application will be rejected right away and not be considered again. For instance, it’s important that you pay attention to the area where you’re asked about your qualifications, and only apply for those jobs where you meet them.

Outdoor Summer Jobs are Announced Months Prior to the Starting Date

There is no point in applying for jobs that you’re not qualified for because you won’t even be considered. There is also an announcement number that is attached to each open position, and you should take note of it because you will need to include it on your application.

The most basic federal employment application is known as an OF-612, and it requests a lot of basic information such as your name, address, birth date, social security number and contact information. You will have to fill out this form when you’re apply to almost every open position, but there are exceptions, so make sure that you check beforehand.

Remember that this application will be the first impression of you that the employer sees, so make sure it is fully completed, is as accurate as possible, and that it contains no spelling or grammatical errors.

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