Cruise Line Job Applications

Similar to other industries, forms must be filled out and procedures followed when applying for a job on a cruise ship. Employment offices at all major cruise lines have standard application forms that are filled out as one of the first steps to securing employment.

Applying for Cruise Ship Jobs Usually Requires you to Fill Out Various Forms

These applications are not only used in the hiring process but are helpful for the Human Resources department for practical reasons like having names, phone numbers, and addresses on file for all employees.

While applying for a job on a cruise ship you will find that some forms are quite lengthy and will ask you anything from your relevant work experience, to your highest level of education. Applications such as these will act as the primary resource for the hiring department even if you submit a resume. Some other cruise lines, will ask you to fill out an application after reviewing your resume, when they are ready to see you for an interview. There are also those cruise lines that only hand out applications to those job hunters who inquire directly. And finally, some smaller ships won’t ask for applications at all. Although there are a number of different hiring procedures in the cruise ship industry, generally speaking, when applying for a job on a cruise ship, you can expect to fill out some type of application.

To procure an application you can request one over the phone, in person, by mail, or online. Once you have a copy of the application form, spend some cruise online job applicationtime reading it before you start writing in your answers. It’s important to return the application with your answers stated clearly, concisely, and accurately. Always fill in each and every question that applies to you and the position(s) you are applying for, and include a copy of your resume if you haven’t sent one in already. Do not however, substitute “See Resume” as an answer for any of the questions. Hiring managers, as a general rule, prefer applications filled out in their entirety even if they already have a copy of your resume on file.

You will also find that a large number of cruise ships are turning toward online applications and hiring methods. This is becoming increasingly popular because electronic information is easier to organize and shift through for personnel managers. Most cruise ships will do some portion of their recruiting online. Take the Holland America Cruise line for example. On their homepage, you will find a link to their Careers section.
On this page, there is a section for applying directly with Holland America for positions such as entertainment and engineering, as well as links to concessionaire companies that do the hiring for departments such as the gift shop.

If the position you are looking for pertains directly to Holland America, you will be directed to the online application area. Here, you create a user name and password, search for open positions, fill out an online application, and submit a resume. If your resume is selected, you will be contacted for an interview, or move on to the next step in the application process.

While this process is specific to Holland America, it does provide an excellent example of how diverse the application process for cruise ship employment can be, and how cruise ship companies use online methods for hiring.

If you wish to apply online, look for the Careers or Employment link at the top or bottom of the cruise line’s home page. There you can expect to upload a professional resume in addition to filling out an online application. Keep in mind that not all companies will accept online applications, and if this is the case, that you may need to inquire by mail or phone. Knowing the cruise ship industry and specific jobs that are available, will help you navigate the online application form in the best possible way. For example, by understanding the requirements of a youth counselor job, you will be able to fill out a cruise ship application that highlights exactly what hiring managers look for in that position.

For this reason, we suggest you take some time and learn about some of the most popular jobs in the cruise ship industry. Find out which jobs on a cruise ship best fit your skill set before applying.

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