Shipboard Bar Staff Jobs

There are a variety of positions and responsibilities that fall under the term bar staff. Employees who work as bar staff aren’t necessarily bar tenders but act more like bus boys or waiters. The main responsibility of someone on the bar staff is to serve drinks to passengers in lounges and on the cruise decks.

Bartender on Cruise Ship Mixing Cocktails for Passengers Photo

Bar staff members also maintain the cleanliness of the lounges and bar areas, in addition to assisting the bartender. Some bar staff will pour beers from the tap and serve a small number of drinks from the bar. On larger ships, senior staff may be responsible for wine service at lunch and dinner. Additionally members of the bar will help to clear glasses from the lounges and decks and stock the immediate bar area if supplies get low. Bar staff serve non-alcoholic beverages as well, so while working it is important to keep all cruise ship clientele in mind.

Any employee working with food and alcohol onboard a cruise ship will need the proper certifications. While this isn’t necessary to have upon hiring, most employees will under go training and be expected to have a food and beverage handler’s license before the job begins.

Many cruise ship bartenders begin by working as bar staff members. It helps to learn bar industry skills by first working in a position like that of someone on the bar staff. Bar members usually make a great deal in tips. Although on some cruise ships, bartenders and staff are paid on a salary, tips are usually the main source of income. Therefore, pay varies depending on tips and the cruise line where you are hired.

Keep in mind that jobs on the bar staff are generally competitive because of the pay and experience the job offers. Apply early and often to a number of cruise ships. Those with experience in the serving industry will be at an advantage.

Bar jobs are some of the best travel jobs in the business. If you’re looking for bar jobs abroad then consider learning the industry on a cruise ship. It is an excellent way to gain valuable work experience (a job that is almost always in demand) in addition to the travel you will enjoy while working.

Bar staff, in addition to being knowledgeable about the cruise ship menu and drinks that are provided, should be friendly, helpful, and engaging. The members of a bar staff on a cruise ship are sometimes present near the pools, casinos, and during ship events. Being excited and customer focused is the best way to earn tips and increase the enjoyment you get from your job. It isn’t hard to find someone in need of a cocktail onboard a cruise ship – so get out there and start making some tips!

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