Spa & Salon Jobs on Cruise Ships

The personal care jobs onboard a cruise ship includes a variety of spa, salon and health related jobs. Cruise lines offer an increasing number of beauty and health related amenities to their guests.

Spa and Salon Jobs are Popular on Cruise Ships Due to the Amount of People Wanting to Relax and be Taken Care of

Therefore, the types of positions available extends past traditional salon positions like beauticians and cosmetologists and includes fitness directors, personal trainers, nutritionists, massage therapists, salon drink and beverage servers as well as a full medical staff.

As cruise ships try to offer a full range of options onboard their ships it is important to include healthful alternatives to casino night and cocktails at the bar. With thousands of passengers onboard a ship as well, first rate cruise liners will likely need to staff several qualified people in each of the personal care fields to ensure that each guest can be attended to in a timely manner on the ship. While people look forward to fun excursions and nightly activities they also enjoy working out in cruise ship gyms and relaxing while being pampered by beauticians.

In the following pages you will learn a great deal about the different personal care jobs onboard a cruise ship. You will find information on:

Within each of these sections there will be specific job descriptions, salaries, and information about hiring. You will learn about the contract length of most positions and what type of education is required to become a qualified cruise ship attendant. You will find a number of entry-level positions that represent excellent resume building work experiences in addition to cruise ship jobs that require years of experience.

Each of these jobs represents an excellent way to make money while traveling.

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