Cruise Line Hotel Managers

Entry-level hotel managers (sometimes called hospitality managers) are advised to start on a small ship with a small company. Referring to the position as entry-level is accurate because these hospitality managers don’t have any previous cruise ship experience. They should, however, have previous managing and hospitality experience in order to be hired. Managers are responsible for ensuring that shipboard services leave a good impression on the passengers. This includes dining room experiences, cocktail parties, special events, stateroom cleanliness, and budget management.

Hotel Managers Aboard Cruise Liners Must Cater to Passenger Requests as Quickly as Possible

Above all, the hotel manager is a troubleshooter. If a passenger has a complaint, the hotel manager is usually the one to hear about it, and is then expected to find a solution. Either previous land hotel experience or a degree in hotel and restaurant management is required.

Hotel managers on a small vessel can sometimes have a harder time procuring jobs. Because there is only one such position, it can be a competitive field in which to find work. Applying over the course of several months for several different cruise lines will increase an aspiring hospitality manager’s chances of becoming hired.

Above all, hotel managers need to be flexible and attentive. The range of their responsibilities covers a large number of positions and jobs held by other people so they must constantly have an idea of what is going on in several departments all at once.

Hotel managers will have excellent organizational skills and a strong understanding of the other positions onboard. They are likely outgoing, friendly and intelligent people.

The manager onboard large vessels works under the purser and is a position that requires years of previous experience both in hospitality management on land as well as on a cruise ship. This is a highly respected position onboard and as a result the pay is also respectable. Managers may earn as much as $4,800 a month on an annual contract. Pay will vary depending on ship size and managing experience.

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