Photo Album

Cruise Line Chef Jobs

Cruise lines pride themselves on their world-class dining room service, which means lots of jobs for chefs, galley cooks, wait staff, and hosts and hostesses (photo courtesy of Delta Queen Steamboat.)

Exercise Instructor Jobs

There are plenty activities on board a cruise ship that require skilled instructors and trainers (photo courtesy of Princess Cruises.)

Food Server Jobs on Cruise Ships

Working in food service is one of just many entry-level jobs that offer good benefits and a great work environment.

Limbo Activities on Cruise Ship

Activities staff get to mingle and play games with the ship’s guests. It’s almost like getting paid to have fun!

Niagra Prince Cruise Ship at the Beach

Cruise lines that operate smaller vessels can often take you to out-of-the-way beaches where large ships can’t go (photo courtesy of American Caribbean Canadian Line, Inc.)

Cruise Ship in Venice

Cruising isn’t just for tropical islands. Many cruise lines have itineraries in South America, Asia, and Europe (photo of Island Princess in Venice, Italy, courtesy of Princess Cruises.)

Cruise Ship in Alaska

Wilderness cruises offer breathtaking scenery such as glaciers in Alaska (photo courtesy of Princess Cruises.)

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