Cruise Ship Fitness Director Jobs

Passengers want to have fun devouring seven-course meals and attending midnight buffets, but they also want to burn off those calories with vigorous exercise and state-of-the-art equipment.

Cruise Ship Fitness Dance Directors Create and Teach Classes on Board

They also expect nothing but the best from fitness centers and gyms found on the decks of many popular ocean liners.

The person who heads up the fitness crew on a cruise ship is the fitness director. All new cruise ships have modern fitness facilities and professional fitness directors to run and produce comprehensive fitness programs for guests onboard. Fitness directors on a cruise ship will likely have: a variety of professional experiences, CPR training, first aid training, an outgoing personality, experience in another health club and a passion for people and fitness.

Fitness directors are responsible for putting together a fitness schedule and options for onboard passengers. They are charged with thinking up creative ideas and classes in addition to carrying out and instructing a large portion of the classes offered. Fitness directors also work hand in hand with trainers onboard the ship, developing personnel schedules and programs for passengers and organizing events with gym staff. As trends shift from yoga to spinning, a fitness director must offer a variety of options for passengers of all backgrounds and tastes. The education and experience of a dedicated fitness instructor comes into play, as directors need to offer classes for a specific clientele onboard a cruise ship. For example they might offer stretching or aquatic aerobic classes for seniors and dance or gymnastic classes for children.

Fitness directors will often be seen at social events chatting with guests. At these functions directors will often and discuss different classes available while encouraging members to partake during the cruise. Fitness directors might even act as personal trainers. The specific duties of a director will vary and need to be discussed with the hiring company before contracts are signed. Fitness directors are hired under contract, usually for six months or more and paid on salary.

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