Cruise Ship Casino Staff

Casino employment on a cruise ship is widely considered to be one of the best cruise jobs. Casinos on a cruise ship are usually closed while the ship is at port, leaving plenty of time for staff members to enjoy time off the ship at cool and breezy travel locations. Additionally, casino employment on a cruise liner usually means good tips from happy travelers, a nice bonus to the already good salary casino dealers and other staff members receive. The perks however, come at a cost. Most casino staff members must have experience before being hired to work on a cruise ship.

Casino Blackjack Dealer Deals Cards on Cruise Ship

Job Requirements for Casino Staff

Most cruise liners require three years of experience at a major casino in at least two games before they will hire. Slot managers need three to five years experience and depending on the cruise line, managers and dealers may be required to have more. For the most part, casino staff positions are the same on a cruise ship as they would be in a normal casino. Although cruise ship casinos are smaller in size and may not have the full range of games in a normal casino, you are likely to find slot machines and black jack along with popular others.

Casino staff members usually work at night, although hours vary depending on the ship, region and clientele. For example, casinos on ships serving the Caribbean are usually busy, and staff will work long hours. Conversely, casinos on European cruises often close earlier due to a more senior clientele. Staff members are expected to be friendly, well versed in their game and honest. It wouldn’t be unusual for casino staff to undergo special training before beginning work on a cruise ship. Like most jobs onboard, staff members are often seen by passengers while off the clock and should be eager to answer questions and behave in a responsible and respectable manner.

Casino Staff Salaries

Salary ranges from $2,000 – $3,000 monthly. Most staff members are paid hourly and through tips. Salaries will greatly depend on the number of hours worked, previous casino experience and experience on a cruise ship. Some positions like Slot Managers might make more while inexperienced casino dealers or technicians can expect to earn less.

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