Cruise Ship Beautician Jobs

Beauticians on a cruise ship have a variety of responsibilities. Depending on the beauty options serviced by the cruise ship, salon trained beauticians will find themselves performing anything from pedicures and manicures to hand and scalp massages, cutting, coloring, and styling hair in addition to make up services will likely be included.

Beauticians will Find Plenty of Work on Cruise Ships with the Copious Amounts of Passengers

Beauticians will also do skin work providing facials which can extend to full body wraps and other high-end spa-related services depending on the cruise ship.

For information about esthetician jobs see our Cosmetology section.

Almost any service you would find at a day spa or salon, you can find on a cruise ship.

All cruise line companies and concessionaires require recent professional experience and a valid license to work as a beautician on a cruise ship. Salons on cruise ships are equipped with the usual amenities, and most beauticians are hired through cruise ship concessionaires. Although beauticians are required to be fully trained and certified to work in the field, working as a beautician on a cruise ship can be a great way to begin a career. Usually the cruise ship will provide some guidance and training around the services their beauty department offers, which means working with other trained beauticians in a learning environment. Keep in mind however, that some cruise ships will only hire beauticians with experience. This will vary among cruise lines so be sure to research which ships hire novice beauticians before applying.

Beauticians on a cruise ship usually work day or early evening shifts. For night events, a few beauticians may be on staff to accommodate for last minute appointments. Beauticians usually enjoy time off while the ship is at port, since most passengers choose to disembark at the ports of call and appointment volume in the salons is usually low at this time.

If you’ve ever wanted to work as beautician while traveling, consider applying for a cruise ship job position. While the duration of contracts vary, it is typical to sign on for contracts lasting three to six months.

If you’re starting to wonder how much beauticians earn, you will find that depending on the cruise line and your experience, pay will vary. Most beauticians will earn salaries averaging $2,000 a month. Beautician managers and assistant managers however, will earn salaries closer to $2,400 a month. Depending on your responsibilities as a beautician, this amount will change.

Beauticians also enjoy tips from customers, another great way to earn extra money while you work on a cruise ship.

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