Jobs at Sea

The ocean itself is unpredictable. Even in the balmy Caribbean, swells can continue for weeks on end. Many new crewmembers are surprised by how much a ship bounces once it hits the open water. Ironically, rough seas and the regiment of maritime traditions are often more alluring to employees than the travel and entertainment aspects of the cruise industry.

Cruise Ship Jobs are Suited for People Who Also Want a Lifestyle Change

When it comes down to it, salt spray in the wind and orders from the captain are what going to sea is all about. Working on a ship will give you a sense of team participation that can’t be replicated on land.

This type of cruise ship experience is especially true for people who work as deck hands and under the direct supervision of the captain. Cruise ship employees who work on deck will experience a much more military style of life than those employees who work in spas and fitness centers for example. Employees who work in the deck job department will be responsible for maintaining a flawless routine. Tasks will be handed out as orders and deck hands will respond to a network of senior officers. Working as a deck hand won’t be stifling, but it will instill a sense of teamwork and order. While deckhand jobs seem to exemplify this style of living, it is true that all cruise ship employees will experience the hierarchy that exists on a cruise ship. Everyone onboard will be required to show respect to senior officers, regardless of their position.

Ocean living can be an interesting experience. Some come to adore the ship life while others find it more restricting than they had imagined. This will greatly vary from person to person. Regardless of how you feel, living onboard a ship is a valuable experience. The responsibilities you undertake, the jobs you perform, and the teamwork you enjoy will be unparalleled to that of any other job.

We hope you are looking forward to the ship experience as much as anything else. You will soon find that working on a cruise ship is less like job, and more like a way of life.

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