Jobs with Princess Cruises

A career with Princess Cruises starts with a simple job search. Join one of the world’s most prestigious cruise line companies as they continue to grow and add even more exotic locations to their already massive list of destinations. Look at opportunities at sea or in the corporate office.

As an employee you can expect your work to be fast-paced, business-casual with a sky-is-the-limit attitude.

Princess Cruises is Known for its Happy Crew

Princess Cruises knows that it is only through a fantastic crew of happy and talented individuals who pride themselves on customer service that this attitude will exude to each and every person onboard. This is why Princess Cruises honors its employees with various pay incentives, travel privileges for you and your family, additional courses that will help you advance in the direction you wish to go, numerous employee recognition programs, and a full spectrum of benefits including medical and dental insurance, 401(k), to name just a few.

The company started with humble beginnings in 1965 as one ship to and from Mexico, and has since expanded its fleet to now carry over a million passengers a year. The Princess cruise ship itself may look familiar to you if you remember the hit TV show “The Love Boat” because that’s the boat used in the show and the one you’ll be crewing. Maybe not the exact ship from the show, but each ship is referred to as “The Love Boat” by many a passenger. The show enhanced people’s views of traveling by sea and Princess Cruises has since been chosen number one for sea voyages, not just because its television fame, but also for being number one in customer satisfaction.

Wherever the location, Princess Cruises wants to take their customers there. With the introduction of Sun-class ships, customers were offered the opportunity to follow their own agenda rather than being forced to stick to one standard cruise schedule. Offering customers the chance to personalize their experience is what keeps Princess Cruises ever changing and exciting. To go along with the company’s emphasis on personal choice, each cruise offers differing dining and entertainment experiences, as well as onboard activities. As if that weren’t enough, the ships are also built with luxury in mind, being the first company to offer more of the most desired living commodity in the industry, the private balcony.

Customers come for a relaxing and indulgent vacation and the company gives them what they’re looking for. From the way their ships are built, to the activity schedule, to each and every person hired onboard, customer satisfaction is what drives Princess. If you can picture yourself onboard a Princess Cruise ship with your goal of making every trip the dream vacation everyone onboard is wishing for, not to mention yours, then apply for a job with Princess Cruises. A division of the company, Princess Tours, operates a massive land-based operation between May and October in Alaska. They advertise almost continually to fill all of open jobs.

By the way, the old Pacific Princess – seen on The Love Boat – has been scrapped! She did her job well.

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