Books About the Cruise Industry

If you’re serious about working a cruise ship job or have an interest in the industry, check out our selection of recommended books on the subject.

There are Many Books that can Offer Great Insight into the Cruise Ship Industry

Sometimes the best source of information is found by flipping through the pages of a book. You’ll find many through our bookstore.

Cruise Ship Industry

The cruise ship industry is constantly changing. You know from reading our history of the cruise ship industry that, throughout the years, consumers have grown from using cruise ships for transportation, to luxury vacationing. If you want to learn more about the evolution of the cruise ship industry, check out some of the books in our bookstore that focus on exactly this issue. By having an understanding of the cruise ship industry’s past you can better forecast what to expect out of the industry’s future. You’ll probably be interested to read about how smaller ships like river cruises and yachts are impacting the industry, as well as how the green movement has affected cruising. We also have books on tourism as it relates to cruising, and that is just to name a few! Even if you think cruising is just a fun vacation, these books offer up some great reads.

Specific Cruises

Learn about cruise liners like Disney Cruise Lines in books that focus on a specific cruise liner. Also, find out about specific ship styles like yachting. There is a lot to know about yachts as an industry, as well as the qualifications required to in order to be considered in high demand as an employee. Learn all you can about yachts through the specific cruise line books in our bookstore.


If you’re after a position in the greatest travel job industry in the world, then take some time and learn a little more about being hired on a cruise ship.
There is a lot to know, and these books cover all the details that weren’t listed in our cruise job description sections. Arm yourself with information.

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