Cruise Ship Gift Shop Staff

Cruise lines depend more and more on shipboard sales for achieving year-end profits. Cruise ship gift shop jobs, as a general rule, are open to U.S. citizens, so this is a good way for someone with no previous shipboard experience to go to sea. The work is demanding, hours are long, and pay depends upon commission from sales. If you’re eager to earn money and also want to travel, but don’t have previous experience, then find out about becoming a gift shop employee on a cruise ship. Job description, requirements and salary are listed below. Find out what it’s like working as a gift shop employee onboard.

Cruise Ship Passenger Shopping in Gift Shop on Cruise Line Photo

Almost every passenger who travels on a cruise ship will enter the ship’s gift shops and stores. These shops contain items relatable to the cruise in addition to alcohol, clothing and jewelry. With so much foot traffic in the stores, cruise ships see a large opportunity to capitalize on sales. This is where quality gift shop employees are key for retail sales on a ship.

Gift shop employees don’t necessarily need retail or cruise ship experience, however. What they do need is an outgoing personality and a helpful nature so that they can answer questions or help passengers pick out gifts. Gift shop employees are encouraged to up-sell passengers as well, a task that people with outgoing personalities find more comfortable. Retail employees need to keep their store in an orderly fashion and will likely be responsible for some cleaning aspects on the ship. Gift shop employees will also be asked to stock merchandise, perform inventories and act as the cashier. Some basic accounting will probably be necessary for retail employees in gifts shops, at the open and close of each workday.

Cruise ship retail employees will work long hours. This does however, transfer into a lot of commission opportunities through sales and a large number of hours worked for high earning potential. Most gift shop employees will begin to take on bigger and bigger responsibilities in the service and hospitality industry, finding themselves in a good position for a higher paying job on upcoming cruises. Search for all kinds of currently available retail jobs on our special job board.

Companies look for personnel with experience in retail sales, especially in boutiques, specialty shops, and jewelry stores.
Public speaking experience can be valuable for onboard sales presentations as well.

Most gift shop hiring is conducted through cruise line concessionaires and contracts vary in length. Most cruise ships try to procure employees for at least three months at a time. Gift shop retail employees will earn around $1,600-$1,800 a month while assistant managers earn on the upwards of $2,400 a month. Gift shop managers will earn closer to $2,400 – $3,200 a month and will have responsibilities relating to scheduling, accounting and merchandise.

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