Preparing for Your Taiwan Trip

To best prepare yourself for life in Taiwan, we recommend that you learn as much as possible about the country before you go.

There are several excellent guide and culture books on the market, and you can also contact the Tourism Bureau. The staff is available to answer questions and the offices have printed information available at your request. Don’t overlook the Taiwan Visitors Association website as a source of information.

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Another thing you can do to prepare yourself for your stay in Taiwan is to choose the best type of clothing for the unpredictable weather and cultural norms. If you want to be comfortable, having the right clothing is a must. Although summers tend to be very warm, the humidity can still cause chills, so bring clothing that is easily layered. Layered clothing is also important in the winter as winds can be bone-chilling and most buildings do not have a heating system. If you plan to ride a bicycle, moped, or motorcycle to work, a rain parka is essential. It will also come in handy during torrential downpours. If you don’t want to pack a rain parka, they are quite cheap in Taiwan and most stores and markets have a wide (and colorful!) selection.

Since “face” is an important factor to the Taiwanese, you should be prepared to be neat and tidy at all times, particularly in business situations. Your wardrobe should reflect this – shorts and sandals are fine for touring around, for example, but they should at least be clean and in good condition. In business meetings, men may be expected to wear jackets and ties and women dresses or skirts.

Before departing, it is absolutely essential to have your visa and health records in order. Refer to the “Taiwan Visas” (next page) and “Health Care in Taiwan” pages of this section for more information.

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