Taichung City Profile

Taichung, which means “Taiwan Central,” is the island’s third-largest city. It is less industrial than Taipei and Kaohsiung and is known more as an educational and cultural center. If you prefer a relaxed pace and close proximity to the mountains, Taichung is a good choice. Visit the tourism office online.

Taichung is a More Centrally Located Compared to Other Major Cities


2.7 million


Taichung is situated between Taipei and Tainan in northwestern Taiwan.


Taichung is humid with mild temperatures year-round.


Located on the main north-south highway, Taichung is well-connected by both rail and bus to larger cities such as Taipei and Kaohsiung. There are also direct buses to many scenic areas in central Taiwan, and Taichung is the starting point for the scenic Central Cross-Island Highway to Hualin. The bus terminals, serving different parts of the country, are conveniently clustered around the central train station. Taichung also has a small airport but service is primarily limited to domestic carriers.

Taichung has plenty of bus services! Go online for every detail.

Places of Interest

While in Taichung, you will want to visit the ultra-modern Natural Science Museum as well as the more historic Confucius and Paochueh Temples. The grounds of Tunghai University are particularly beautiful, and the Cultural Center is an excellent place to learn more about Taiwanese arts and culture. The Taiwan Museum of Art is considered to have an outstanding art collection. The Encore Gardens are heavily promoted in the tourist brochures, but for even better natural scenery, take a bus to the mountains in nearby eastern Taichung County.

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