Learn to Speak Chinese in Taiwan

“Visas No Problem!” Schools advertising this phrase are generally not too serious about teaching Chinese.

The visa renewal problem can be circumvented by studying Mandarin (see the section on visas). However, several questionable “Chinese-Language Schools” have begun to capitalize on this situation. For a fee, these schools provide their students with the documentation needed to extend their visas, as well as some language courses (which many enrollees end up skipping). Taiwanese authorities are on the lookout for these practices, so be careful.

Learning Chinese can be Difficult but Will Help With Many Things

Cheap Chinese-language schools can be found in a variety of places – newspapers and online of course – but don’t expect to learn much. On the other hand, if you are willing to pay, Taiwan has a number of excellent Chinese-language institutions. Many students and teachers of Mandarin claim that Taiwan is the best place in the world to learn the language.

For serious students, studying one-on-one is generally considered worthwhile. Private or semi-private sessions are expensive, but as most language students will attest, they are far more effective than group classes.

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