Denpasar City Guide

Not too long ago a quaint town, Denpasar is now one of the fastest-growing and most racially mixed cities in Indonesia. It is also home to the largest market on Bali and to several arts centers; however, foreign visitors tend not to linger in Denpasar as the scenery and lack of tourist amenities don’t compare to the beaches that are not far away. Visit the official tourism website for the latest travel tips.




Denpasar is on the island of Bali, about 6 miles from the famous Kuta beach.


Denpasar weather is hot year-round and wet during the months from October to April.


Denpasar is the transportation hub of the island of Bali. There is an international airport just to the south of the city, and there are five bus and bemo terminals within the city. If you are using Denpasar as a stopover before heading to another destination on Bali, you can catch a bus to anywhere on the island for cheap. The city can also be reached by train.

Getting around within the city is a cinch: buses, bemos, mini bemos, taxis, and horse-drawn carts (dokars) are plentiful.

Places of Interest

Check out the Bali Museum and the Abiankapas Art Center, and about an hour north of Denpasar by car, there is a city called Ubud that has several museums and art galleries featuring mask making, carving, and painting.

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