Qingdao City Profile

Over the years, Qingdao has been held by China, Japan, and even Germany. Today the European-style buildings give way to factories and high-rises, but some sense of history remains.

Qingdao is Home to China's Most Famous Brewery

Qingdao is a good place to stop after a long stretch of travel. The beaches in Qingdao are not bad, and the city parks are among the best in China.


8.7 million


Qingdao is in northeast China, in the Shandong province.


Qingdao has a temperate, seaside climate, and is somewhat cooler than the climate in Shanghai (see below).


Qingdao has international flights to Hong Kong and Seoul, and domestic flights to all major cities. Sleeper buses go to Shanghai and Beijing, and trips to Yantai depart throughout the day. Boats go to Dalian, Shanghai, and In’chon in South Korea. Taxis and buses will take you around town once you get there.

Places of Interest

This is the manufacturing center of China’s most famous beer, so visiting the brewery is a must. You can also check out the beaches, Esplanade, Qingdao Museum, and Xhongshan Park.


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