Yokohama City Profile

Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan. It is close to Tokyo and serves as an urban extension of the capital.

Yokohama is Southwest of Tokyo Making it Ideal to Live in and Commute From

Since the cost of living in Yokohama is slightly less than Tokyo, especially for rent, many people live in Yokohama and commute to Tokyo. Yokohama may not be as glamorous or sophisticated as Tokyo, but as a foreign port it has a definite international flavor.


3.7 million


Southwest of Tokyo


Humid in summer, mild temperatures in winter


Shinkansen stops in Yokohama, and all major means of transportation go to and from Tokyo.

Places of Interest

Very few, so stick to Tokyo for the most part. However, visit the Sankeien Garden, Chinatown, and the Marine Tower for a view of the surrounding area.

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