Packing for a Trip to Asia

If you take the following list of items with you on your journey to Asia, you should be well prepared for whatever might come:

Here are Some Items you Should Bring With You on Your Travels
  • Valid passport with minimum six months remaining before expiration
  • The correct visa
  • Credit Card (without a foreign transaction fee) or Debit Card
  • Resumes
  • Original college diploma or transcripts (they are very strict about this in Japan), or an official (notarized, embossed, sealed) document from your university stating your date of graduation and degree. Bring several copies because immigration does not return any documents given to them.
  • Letters of reference (past employers, teachers, etc.)
  • Nice work clothes and shoes. Many of the more formal schools require men to wear a suit and tie while teaching.
  • A few articles of light clothing
  • At least 20 passport photos (black-and-white or color)
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Thermal underwear (in the colder regions)
  • Backpack (if you intend to travel)
  • Rain gear
  • Small gifts
  • Photos from home (for use as teaching aids)
  • Travel guide


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