Guangzhou City Profile

The most modern big city in China, Guangzhou’s proximity to Hong Kong provides a link to the outside world. More than in the rest of the country, you’ll find Western attitudes and style of dress here.


11 million


Guangzhou is in southeast China, only a few hours from Hong Kong.


Summers, which begin in April and continue through September, are hot and humid. Temperatures can get up to 100°F/38°C. Summer months are also the rainiest, with 8-12 in/200-300mm of precipitation per month. Winters are cool and dry, but nighttime temperatures can get rather cold, so bring warm clothes.


Buses and trains connect Guangzhou to other major cities in China, and taxis, buses, and minibuses are the options for around-town travel.

Places of Interest

Visit the Temple of the Six Banyon Trees, the Five Genies Temple, and Orchid Park, which contains over a 100 varieties of orchids that bloom during summer. Pearl River boat trips are a popular half day excursion, and Shamian Island is home to sidewalk cafes, bars, and boutiques.


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