Long-Term Accommodations in Thailand

Permanent, low-budget housing for about US$250 per month can be found through the smaller real estate agencies. These agencies are willing to accept lower commissions, and will work with people on a low budget. They are listed in the Bangkok Post and try Craigslist too. In the provinces, word of mouth is the best way to find housing. Prices are generally lower than in Bangkok.

When negotiating a lease, it’s important to be understood. If possible, try to bring along someone who can translate. Also, shop around for an agent that you’re comfortable with. The landlord pays the agency’s commission, so feel free to contact several agencies simultaneously. They advertise in the Bangkok Post.

A typical lease lasts for a full year. Be prepared to put down two to three months rent as a security deposit. Try to include a “diplomatic clause,” which allows you to cancel your lease with thirty days notice in case there’s an emergency and you have to leave Thailand. Utilities and a connected phone may or may not be included.

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