Jakarta City Profile

Jakarta is a sprawling, polluted, loud, and chaotic city. It is a place of contrasts, where new meets old, progress meets the Third World. There are expatriate Westerners of all stripes here, from oil company heads to scruffy Asia bums. There is plenty to do, and the shopping malls and movie theaters are often a comfort to recently landed North Americans. Check out the colorful Indonesia tourism website for great travel information, including Jakarta.

Jakarta is a Large City in Indonesia


10.2 million in the city


On the extreme western tip of the island of Java


Jakarta is hot and muggy year-round.

Travel within the city is best undertaken by bus, bemo, becak, or taxi. Be sure to agree on a fare before you embark; prices for foreigners are generally higher.

Places of Interest

Keep an eye out for unusual architecture, and be sure to visit Sultan’s Palace, the Orangutan Rehabilitation Center, and the Museum of North Sumatra.

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