Kunming City Profile

Kunming is a fairly relaxed city located along the crossroads of cultures: Yunnan province is home to many of China’s minority tribes. Kunming is a good place to see these people and to get a glimpse of their colorful cultures.

Kunming is a More Temperate City Given its Location


6.5 million


Kunming is in southwest China, and is the capital of Yunnan province.


Kunming is renowned for its temperate weather, hence it’s called the “Spring City.” Summers don’t get too hot and winters don’t get too cold, though it can snow.


Kunming is well-connected to the rest of China by air. There are many bus stations in the city, but the long-distance bus station on Beijing Lu is your best bet if you are trying to get out of town. Trains connect Kunming to Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai.

Buses, taxis, and bicycles are all good ways to get around town, or if you are adventurous, take a horse-drawn buggy.

Places of Interest

Within and near Kunming, interesting spots include the Western Hills, Lake Dian, Bamboo Temple, Ancient Mosque, and The Golden Temple. Just outside of Kunming, are the Stone Forest and the town of Dali.

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