Mail Service in Taiwan

Taiwan takes great pride in its efficient postal system, which delivers mail three times daily. Airmail to or from the United States and Canada takes approximately one to two weeks. For packages, Federal Express, UPS, and DHL all ship to and from Taiwan.

If you think you’ll be using much “snail mail,” then you may want to print address labels with your Taiwanese address in Chinese characters, and send them out with your letters home. Your return correspondence will arrive in Taiwan much sooner if your address is written in characters, but be sure your labels say “Taiwan” in English, or they may never make it past your hometown post office.

Temporary Mailing Address

Until you get set up with your address, a very reliable way to receive mail is to have it addressed to you in the following manner:

    Your Full Name
    Post Restante
    Name of City, Taiwan

The post office in the specified city will hold your mail for a number of weeks until you get there to pick it up.

Foreign Affairs Police Service

Contact a Foreign Affairs person at a local police station if you are involved in a traffic accident, have been burglarized, need an exit permit, need to report a missing passport, or need to renew, extend, or change your visa.


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