Internships and Hotel Job Opportunities in China

Models and Movie Extras

There are a variety of opportunities for modeling and acting jobs for foreigners, especially in the bigger cities.

Interning is a Possibility in Taiwan

Advertising is big business in China, and Westerners sell. If you are female with longer hair (preferably not dark) that’s a big plus; if you are a tall male with blonde hair, you will be much in demand. Jobs in TV ads, karaoke videos, magazine ads, and as movie extras are all available. You can earn more than Y100 an hour. Be sure to work out all the details, such as exactly when your working time begins and ends, whether meals are included, what you will or will not be willing to wear or do, and so forth, before you agree to the job.

Hotel Positions

It is possible to find full-time jobs working for a foreign company while in China, but these are hard to find and often you must speak fluent Mandarin or Cantonese. You would probably be better off trying to secure work of this kind while still in the West. There are plenty of upscale hotels who need English speakers to help their worldly guests.

Most of the world’s “top brand” hotels have locations in China. For example: Four Seasons, Sheraton, and so forth. Try searching the hotel job listings on JobMonkey for current opportunities.


Princeton in Asia

PIA provides recent college graduates with internship opportunities in many Asian countries, including China. Dozens of positions are available annually, and internships are for one or two years. Most positions involve teaching English and applicants are expected to have experience teaching English as a second language. A limited number of positions in other fields are also available. Applicants are required to pay their their own way to Princeton for an interview as well as travel costs to Asia if they are offered a position. For more information on the program, contact:


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