Thailand English Teacher Job Search

Once you arrive in Thailand, you’ll quickly learn that the best way to get to know your way around is to make friends with other teachers. This is a great way to find a nice place to live or hang out in your free time. It’s also the best way to find up-to-the-minute information on who’s hiring. The longer you live in the country, the easier it will be for you to find jobs and private students.

It can be Difficult to Find Teaching Work in Thailand, but not Impossible

It takes quite a bit of persistence to find the good language schools in Thailand, but there are plenty to be found. Some of them are registered with the government and some are not. Some start with good intentions and then fizzle out due to lack of students and good teachers. In many cases, a good school will have problems due to its location. Most of these schools cannot afford to pay high wages due to the fact that students attending these schools cannot afford to pay high fees. Conversely, teachers cannot afford to teach at too many part-time jobs due to the difficulty of getting around on low wages.

If you’ve ever eaten at a Thai restaurant, you’ve probably noticed that everyone looks good. Thais take personal appearance very seriously. The most important part of your job search could well be the moment you step in the door. Unless you’re prepared for rejection, get a haircut, dress conservatively, and be sure your nails are clean. Also, carry a few extra passport pictures wherever you go; you’ll be asked to attach one to each of your applications.

Some schools have branches all over the country. These larger organizations have English-speaking directors who will help with finding accommodations and other issues of concern to new teachers. In general, some schools take applications online while some still accept applications in the mail. Others will file them, and others will dump them, as they prefer to see all prospective teachers before hiring them. This is not an easy country in which to live, and they want to make sure they are hiring people who have been able to get themselves to Thailand reasonably well and who won’t quit after a few months because they can’t settle down.

Later in this section we provide a small list of schools, and you can to start your job search there. But there are so many schools that can be found online. Bear in mind that the English-teaching industry can change rapidly; schools close down and new ones open frequently.

In addition to contacting schools listed in this program, try these sources:

Bulletin Boards

Language schools and Thai individuals needing English teachers or tutors often advertise on bulletin boards at budget hotels and hostels, universities, bars, dance clubs, the American Chamber of Commerce, and other places frequented by foreigners.

The British Council on Siam Square is also a good place to check, as they keep a list of international schools, universities, and language institutes that frequently hire English teachers.

Online / Newspapers

Many people find teaching jobs simply by looking in the classified ads of the English-language newspapers, especially the Bangkok Post and The Nation, where many schools advertise openings. This is a good way to find a job if you don’t already have a contact in Thailand.

You’ll kick yourself if you overlook Craigslist’s job listings. And there are many other great online sources, too, including Dave’s ESL Cafe. Thanks to the Internet you’ll be able to source out plenty of opportunities.

Word of Mouth

Other teachers are probably the best source of job leads. Many English teachers stay for only a few months, after which they quit and move on. Often the recommendation of a departing teacher is enough to get a good job. Also, many people have private students, who they teach on a one-on-one basis. When they leave, many teachers pass their private students on to friends.

The Yellow Pages

Like most Asian cities, Bangkok publishes an English-language yellow pages. Most of the larger English schools are listed, along with many others. Print out the pages you need!

Ministry of Education Opportunities

The Ministry of Education in Thailand is looking for English teachers. Look online for opportunities through university programs in English-speaking countries.

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