Daegu City Profile (formerly Taegu)

Daegu is the third largest city in South Korea and is located midway between Seoul and Busan, just east of Togyu-san and Kaya-san National Parks. The city sits at the convergence of three major Korean highways: the Kyongbu Expressway, the Kuma Highway, and the 88 Olympic Expressway. Most travelers spend only one night in Taegu on their way to visit one of the country’s most famous and interesting temples, Haein-sa. If you want the conveniences of a city, but you want to get away from western crowds, Daegu may be the perfect place to seek employment.


2.5 million


In east-central South Korea


Buses to and from Busan go through the Express Bus Terminal. There are four other bus stations in Daegu: the North, South, East, and West Terminals. Buses to and from Kimchon go through the North Bus Terminal. Trains only serve local locations, not major cities.

Places of Interest

Haein-sa Temple, Kaya-san National Park, Togyu-san National Park, and P’algongsan Provincial Park are all within thirty minutes of Taegu. P’algongsan Park features Tonghwasa temple and the Grand Stone Buddhist Image for Unification Desire, the largest statue of Buddha in Korea.


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