Shantou City Profile

First stop on the road from Guangzhou to Fujian, Shantou was home to one of the early outposts of the East India Company.

Both these cities were once old fishing villages.


5.4 million


Shantou is on the southeast coast of China in the Guangdong province.


Shantou has a subtropic climate, with hot, rainy summers and cool, dry winters. Summer temperatures range from 68°F-86°F/20°C-30°C. Winter temperatures range from 50°F-70°F/10°C-21°C.


Shantou has international flights to Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong and domestic flights to all major cities. Boats connect Shantou to Hong Kong and leave from the Shantou Wharf Passenger Terminal. Both public and private buses will take you to Xiamen, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Nanning, and other destinations and leave from the long distance bus station, Huoche Lu. For around-town travel, there are taxis, motor-tricycles, buses, and minibuses.

Places of Interest

Within the city, the harbor area is the most interesting place to visit. Mayu Island, just an hour’s boat ride from the city, makes for a great day trip. There you will find the Temple of the Mother of the Holy Empire, nice beaches, and great views.


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