Keelung City Profile

Keelung, the second-largest port city in Taiwan, is very prosperous as a result of Taiwan’s booming export-based economy. Foreigners come to Keelung on business, but otherwise it does not attract many Western visitors. The city does have a pleasant atmosphere and is not as large as other Taiwanese cities.




Keelung is a port city northeast of Taipei.


Keelung weather is sunny and mild in the summer with short afternoon thunderstorms. During the winter months it is very wet and overcast – remember to layer your clothing!


Keelung is connected to nearby Taipei by both bus and rail service. Connections to other parts of the country can be made through Taipei. Buses for Keelung from Taipei leave frequently from the East Bus Station. Rail service is generally slower and more expensive than the bus system. There is ferry service – check online for destinations and arrival/departure times.

Places of Interest

Among Keelung’s major attractions is the Kuanying Statue and Temple with its magnificent view of the city and area. If you would prefer a trip to the beach rather than a view of it, try Fulung beach, which is one of the best in northern Taiwan. Keelung also contains a replica of the Statue of Liberty, which is located near McDonalds (of course). Finally, be sure to visit the Temple Street Night Market on an empty stomach as this renowned market specializes in food. Here’s a link to the city’s tourism office website.

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