Daejon City Profile (formerly Taejon)

If you want to get away from the tourist scene and “go native,” we suggest Daejon. Here, you will be able to experience the more traditional Korean lifestyle without the presence of the Western influences found in Seoul and Busan. Keep in mind that small cities like Daejon tend to be more conservative and thus less open to new ideas and people – all the more challenge for an energetic teacher!


1.5 million


Taejon is in west-central Korea.


There are three bus terminals in Daejon: the West Terminal, the East Terminal, and the Express Terminal. The Express Terminal is the biggest; it has buses to and from all of the other cities mentioned in this section.

Places of Interest

Near Daejon are the Gwanchuk-sa Temple, famous in Korea for possessing the largest stone Buddha in the country, and Taedun-san Provincial Park, which offers great hikes and views of the surrounding area.


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