Learn to Speak Korean

There are a large number of South Korean language schools, so finding a place to take classes or get tutoring is not difficult.

Here are Some Methods to Help You Learn to Speak Korean

Yonsei University, the most renowned of these, has an excellent program in its Korean Language Institute. Both KLI and Sogang University offer daily intensive, four-hour Korean-language programs. If you’re interested in just a few hours a week, Ewah Women’s University has an excellent program with day and night courses. Aside from the more established schools, a number of innovative smaller language schools have been established around the Shinchon area. One of these schools was founded by a dissatisfied Yonsei teacher who wanted to use newer materials to teach. These smaller schools don’t offer student visas, but they are ideal for those teachers who wish to learn Korean. It’s possible to find private tutors, as well. Look on Craigslist for people offering lessons – for example, there’s a lessons and tutoring section on the Seoul Craigslist site.


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