Chongqing City Profile

The industrial capital of southwest China, Chongqing’s population burgeoned as a home for wartime refugees in the late 1930s. Though industrial, Chongqing is not unpleasant with its hilltop location at the confluence of two major rivers.


29 million


Chongqing is in west China, in the Sichuan province.


Chongqing is one of China’s “furnaces,” that is, it is HOT in summer. At other times of the year, the climate is very similar to that in nearby Chengdu.


Chongqing is connected to China’s largest cities by plane, train, and bus. There
is also a ferry. Taxis and buses are both good options for getting around town. Chongqing is not a good place to rent a bicycle because of the hilly terrain.

Places of Interest

The Luohan Temple features a long entryway, rock carvings, and a large gold
Buddha figure. The Red Cliff Village and its museum are interesting for their explanation of China’s revolutionary history. Chongqing is also home to many picturesque streets and markets and the enormous Jialing and Yangzi bridges.


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