Finding English Teacher Jobs in South Korea

Teach Conversational English in China Ad

Job Boards

A good resource center is the foreigners’ dormitory next to the Korean Language Institute (KLI) of Yonsei University. There is a board in the lobby and on the first floor of KLI with various job listings.

Newspapers & Craigslist

The English newspapers, the Korea Herald and the Korea Times, both contain daily job listings and are sold on the street in Seoul – and obviously you can use the online editions.

Another good bet is Craigslist. Take a look at their Seoul teaching job advertisements, for example. You can’t go wrong!

Sending Organizations

EPIK Program

The EPIK Program is a cultural exchange program sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education. The program places native speakers of English in public schools and teacher colleges nationwide. See the EPIK website for full details.

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