Where to Stay in South Korea

Youth Hostels

There are clean, orderly, and relatively inexpensive youth hostels in South Korea. A bed in a dormitory-style room usually costs about W17,000 (US$15) per person in Seoul – less in other cities.

Private rooms are also available for more money, obviously. Most hostels you’ll find take both group and individual reservations. For reservations and more information, it’s best to go online and search for hostels. Most have websites containing all the pertinent details as well as photos. Visit this website for a bit more up-to-date hostelling information.

There are Various Styles of Living Arrangements Available to Visitors in South Korea

Other Short Stay Options


A more expensive alternative to youth hostels is the yogwan, or Korean-style inn. These inns offer a Korean mattress, a pillow filled with wheat husks, heat from the floor, and a shared bathroom. Rates are usually for each room and not each guest.


Yoinsook are like lower-scale yogwans. They sometimes lack hot water, heat, and cleanliness.


This is a room in a private house, and usually means shared facilities and meals with the family. This is an especially popular form of accommodation in rural areas.


These are very similar to the minbak, but for long-term stays. These are also popular in rural areas and student communities. It’s common to find families that provide meals as well as a room.


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