Shanghai City Profile

Birthplace of the revolutionary movement, Shanghai has long been home to artists and activists. In recent years, however, it’s become better known for its industrialism and overcrowding. You should bookmark the official Shanghai tourism website.


24 million


Shanghai is located on the east coast of China.


Both temperatures and rainfall vary less in Shanghai over the year than in Beijing. Summers are warm and wet, with temperatures ranging from 68°F-90°F/20°C-32°C with about six inches of rainfall per month. Winters are cooler and drier, with temperatures going from about freezing to 50°F/10°C and about two inches of monthly rainfall.


Shanghai has air and train connections to places all over China, ferries up the Yangzi River and boats along the coast, and buses to closer destinations. In the city, you can choose to take a bus, subway, or taxi.

Places of Interest

Shanghai Municipal Museum, Jade Buddha Temple, The Bund (waterfront), international districts, Old China City, Yu Yuan Garden, Jiuquiqiao Teahouse, Square Pagoda, Astronomical Observatory on Mt. Sheshan, Yangpu Bridge, Grand World-Da Shi Jie-opera performances, Chinese Art Academy, and Lu Xun Park


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