Casino Accounting Jobs

In an industry that generates billions of dollars per year, is it any wonder that casinos, especially newer ones, have expansive accounting/financial planning departments?

Accounting Jobs in Casinos Require an Extreme Attention to Detail

Working in this department requires extreme attention to detail, good math skills, and organizational ability. In most cases it also requires employees to have at least some college education in the field of accounting or business.

The accounting department is responsible for preparing financial statements, paying taxes and payrolls, handling bank reconciliations, and other budgetary concerns. Typical positions in the accounting department include controller, assistant controller, internal auditor, payroll specialist, income control specialist, financial planning manager, staff accountant, general ledger specialist, and accounts payable specialist. Such support personnel as secretaries and entry-level bookkeepers are also common in this department. Wages generally are paid on a salary basis, with entry-level positions starting at $24,000 a year.

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