Land vs. Ship Casinos

So, what exactly are the differences between casinos that operate on water and those on land? For the customer few differences exist. Once on board or underway, gamblers get down to the business at hand – playing the table games and working the slot machines, looking for that lucky break. Most report they don’t recognize any differences after becoming acquainted with the ship’s layout and house rules. And to be sure, shipboard casinos rarely have a shortage of lavish surroundings, colorful lights, and most importantly, action.

Four Aces in Poker Hand

Depending on the local laws and gaming regulations, so-called riverboat casinos might be no more than permanently moored floating barges. Other casino operations must depart for open water on scheduled runs before customers may begin gambling. Still other states have stipulated the actual design of the boat. For example, in Louisiana riverboats must duplicate the historic paddlewheelers in order to qualify as legal gaming facilities. Betting limits, maximum loss, and payoff amounts may also vary. Often, too, services and amenities, such as floorshows and full-service restaurants, may be on land with the casino portion of the facility technically on water.

As more and more individual communities and states set up the parameters for their own gaming concerns, additional differences can be expected. But not to worry. As an employee, you no doubt will quickly learn all the rules and regulations regarding casino play at your particular place of employment.

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