Casinos: The Rich and Famous

You can almost hear Robin Leach now. His distinctive, famous voice yelling out the words everyone knows by heart – “champagne wishes and caviar dreams.” There’s no denying it: the thought of rubbing elbows with the rich and famous offers a tremendous draw for those considering working at a casino.

Celebrity Appearances are not Uncommon in Casinos Around the World

Because the gaming industry is ‘big entertainment,’ fun, and under a bright spotlight, it’s no surprise that celebrities regularly show up at the tables. Tales abound of movie and television stars, famous athletes, recording artists, and prominent business figures winning and losing big at games of chance. Several dealers we talked with mentioned the famous folks they’ve had sitting at their tables: rap stars, sports figures, actors, and business tycoons. As expected, most celebrities play at the ultra-luxurious hotel casinos; and naturally, dealer positions at such hotels usually go to the most experienced applicants. But even if you don’t start out working where the glitterati typically gather, you can always pop in on days off. If you are into people watching, this business is for you.

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