Work Schedules at Casinos

Work schedules also may be a concern as you begin your career. Break-in houses and to some extent even the bigger casinos may require employees with little seniority to work less desirable shifts.

Work Schedules at Casinos are Much Different Compared to Other Industries

Even in Vegas where people claim they have no sense of real time and the action continues around the clock, there are down times. Fewer customers coming through the doors means fewer tokes on the tables. Additionally, dealers may on occasion work long hours, up to ten and twelve hours at a stretch. That’s a lot of time to be on your feet, even when taking your allotted rest breaks. As for holidays off, forget about it. Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, or whenever the rest of the country is at rest, chances are you’ll be working.

There is still another issue to consider. While gamblers do win big, spreading their joy throughout the casino, they also lose big. As one dealer pointed out:

    Working as a dealer can be difficult on your psyche. You’re watching people destroy their lives. You can’t watch that everyday and not be affected by it. You stand there and watch people’s life savings go down the drain. You need to build a wall, develop a crust and not be sensitive, otherwise the job will become too hard.

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