Bingo Callers and Floor Workers

Bingo operations at most casinos require a large staff, with employees handling specific duties. Two of the most popular entry-level jobs available are that of caller and floor worker.

Bingo Callers and Floor Workers Assist in Many Ways Around Various Casinos

Both report either to the bingo floor supervisor or the assistant bingo manager. Callers, as the title implies, call out the numbers for the game. They operate the equipment or devices that randomly select the numbers and after a game has been called, verify winners.

Floor workers attend to the players, answering any questions they may have, generally helping customers place bets or track numbers. Neither job requires prior experience, although proven customer service skills are a plus. Tips are common for floor workers from winners, but they generally will not be on the same level as tips given to other casino staff. Callers and floor workers typically earn a yearly salary around $20,000.

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