Casino Entertaiment Department Jobs

Dazzling showgirls and dancers, incredible magicians, and top-name singers all have a close association with the gaming industry. Through the years casinos have come to realize that what they really offer is entertainment.

Casino Entertainers Must Be Able to Wow the Crowd

Owners look to big production numbers and celebrity shows to draw people into their establishments and the gaming activities to keep them there. Besides the standard revues and long-running shows, special events and promotions often are handled by the entertainment department. If you have a background in public relations, communications, theater, music, or dance, you might want to consider employment options through this department. Jobs include promotions coordinators, special events managers, audio technician, stage managers, wardrobe personnel, lighting technicians, and box office agents. Wages are often paid at an hourly rate, with employees working more specialized or technical jobs earning $24 – $28 an hour. Entry-level box office ticket agents typically earn $24,000 a year, or approximately $12 an hour.

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