Get a Casino Job in Las Vegas

By far the most casino job opportunities will be found in Las Vegas. Through good times and bad, Vegas has remained the heart and soul of this industry.

Most Casino Job Opportunities will be Found in Las Vegas

As such we’ve included this additional section on tips, procedures, and suggestions for those who are thinking of heading to the gaming capital of the world in search of work.

Finding the “Juice”

The term “he’s juiced in” or “she’s got juice” doesn’t mean these people are packing fruit drinks. In Las Vegas it means they are connected with the right people who can give job seekers an advantage over other candidates. They may lead aspiring casino workers to unadvertised job openings or some of the harder-to-get positions. As explained by Deke Castleman, author of the guidebook Las Vegas, published by Compass American Guides:

    Las Vegas runs on juice – knowing the right people. It’s a legacy, of course, from the mob period when everything was done word of mouth. But Vegas is still kind of a small town in that way.

How do you get to know the right people? Network! According to the sources we’ve questioned, networking is mainly a matter of getting out and meeting people in the community. Investigate associations and clubs affiliated with the casino industry. If you find one that interests you, join. Consider volunteer opportunities as well. Many influential people donate their time for charity events and working with such people will give you a chance to express your interest in finding a job in the casino industry. They may not be personally involved with the industry, but chances are they know someone who is.

If you can swing the cost, another way to get connected with the so-called movers and shakers in Vegas is to take a couple of classes through the hotel and casino management departments at the Community College of Southern Nevada (CCSN). Our sources tell us that CCSN has a major job-placement system in place and the instructors have a large network of connections at most of the casinos in town.

For more information on CCSN, call the Hotel, Restaurant, and Casino Management Department at (702) 651-4020. The job placement office is at (702) 641-4048.

Don’t count on starting your dealing career at one of the newer, giant resort properties along the Strip, unless you are very lucky. (But, hey, who knows? You are, after all, in the business of luck and taking chances, so anything could happen.) But typically the way it works in Las Vegas is the way it has always been: dealers start out at break-in houses and work their way up to better hotels and casinos along the Strip as they gain experience.

All dealers we spoke to agreed that was the way they got a job in Las Vegas – starting small and working their way up. If you are looking for other casino-related positions, your chances are better, but it still might be difficult.

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