Break-in Houses

Break-in Houses can be a Great Avenue to get Experience for Larger Casinos

Not everyone is going to start out at the best places in town, especially if you have your sights set on scoring a job in Las Vegas, where you’ll find stiff competition for casino positions on the Strip. Thus, chances are good your first job will be working at what is called a “break-in house.” These casinos are usually plain compared to their splashy neighbors up the road. Most have no overnight accommodations, spas, floor shows, shops, restaurants, or any of the other amenities that go with the more upscale establishments. That’s not really the main drawback, however. The problem is typically break-in houses attract low rollers – the type of gambler who bets conservatively, wins only small amounts, and consequently, tips less. And for dealers the real money is made from the tokes they earn.

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