North Dakota Casinos

Like in most states, North Dakota’s gambling laws are focused mainly on tribal-run casinos. There aren’t many casinos in this state, but those you can find are fairly popular. In additional to traditional video gaming terminals, you’ll find blackjack, poker, craps, paddle wheels, keno, and pari-mutuel and sports betting in North Dakota casinos. The North Dakota Office of the Attorney General, under their Gaming Division, regulates these facilities.

All new casinos must be licensed with the state, and also approved to do business in either New Jersey, Nevada, or South Dakota. The Tribal Gaming Council must also approve the new casino, as they are the organization responsible for ensuring that the casinos in this state comply with North Dakota law. North Dakota’s casinos are all part of the Class III Gaming Compact, which was made with five state tribes over the last several years. Running casinos has help these tribes include their total income, as well has their employment rate.


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