Pai Gow Dealers

This game is relatively new to casinos in the United States, but it is quickly gaining popularity. An employee working this game would be in charge of operating it in accordance with government guidelines as well as the casino’s particular house rules.

Pai Gow is a Relatively New Casino Game in the U.S. Which Means Dealers are Needed

Since pai gow has no real odds built in that would favor the house over the player, a 5 percent commission is paid to the casino from all winnings. It is the dealer’s job to “wash the tiles” before each hand (meaning to randomly mix them up on the table), then divide them into equal stacks. The dealer gets the game started by rolling three dice to determine which player will get the first stack of tiles. It is also the dealer’s job to help players to correctly read their tiles and indicate how they should arrange their tiles to create the best hands. However, dealers should never direct a player on how much to bet on a hand. That action the player must take responsibility for himself.

As with other dealer positions, applicants must possess technical skills relating to the game as well as good communication and people skills. The ability to add numbers quickly is also necessary. This game can be fast-paced and produce good tips, especially since there is possibility for a lot of interaction between the dealer and players. However, many gamblers are not familiar with pai gow and as such, shy away from sitting at the tables. Some casino employees call this the worst job on the floor because the tables are seemingly always empty. Others claim it is the most interesting job to have because learning to read and properly arrange the tiles to form winning hands is quite a challenge. And when fans of pai gow do sit down at a table, they more than likely will play for hours on end, giving the dealer plenty of tips as good luck.

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