Casino Tour Operators

Casino Tour Guides Have Plenty of Points of Interest to Show in Popular Casino Areas

There’s no doubt that most people come to places like Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Atlantic City to try their luck at the games of chance. But these gaming centers do offer more than just progressive slot machines and one-eyed jacks. The natural surroundings of these places make them ideal for tour operators offering everything from helicopter and boat rides to whitewater rafting to motorcoach and horseback tours. Even in smaller cities such as Deadwood, South Dakota, and Biloxi, Mississippi, tour operators do well, marketing side trips to nearby natural wonders and landmarks. If working in the outdoors is more to your liking, consider the many opportunities available through this line of work. Many positions are entry-level, such tour guides, requiring little or no previous experience. Typically, employers look for an outgoing personality and enthusiasm, rather than specific, related experience.

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