Where are the Casino Jobs?

Unlike other professions, where potential applicants may be recruited from around the country through classified ads or simply by mailing a resume to the employer, getting a job in this industry usually involves a bit of initial legwork.

Relocation to Major Casino Towns Should be Taken into Consideration

Often it means going to individual casino employment offices and applying in person. Most of the employers we contacted, while they will accept mailed-in resumes, still require you to come into their employment office and fill out their application forms at some point. Some casino employers also like to conduct “on-the-spot” personal interviews when the applicant turns in the application papers. Additionally, casinos in the larger gaming centers, such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City, rarely recruit persons from out of the area; instead, they choose from a pool of applicants already living nearby. Thus, for the serious job seeker, breaking into the gaming industry will probably necessitate relocating first, then actively knocking on doors and filling out applications.

With that in mind, we have created this section to better prepare you to make a decision as to where you would like seek employment. Do you see yourself enjoying the small-town atmosphere of Deadwood, South Dakota? Want to take advantage of nearby skiing opportunities by living and working in Cripple Creek, Colorado? What about spending your days off relaxing on the beach as the waves of the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico roll in? And those who like it really hot will want to consider some of the southern cities in Nevada.

Go to our City Profiles page to learn more about these and other towns and cities.

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