Casino Hosts

This job may technically be a function of the marketing and sales department, but since employees spend a considerable amount of time on the casino floor with VIP customers, we’ve included it under the casino floor positions.

Casino Hosts Make Sure High Roller Guests Feel Welcome by Issuing Various Comps

Hosts really are more like “goodwill ambassadors” than anything else. Their primary function is to make high rollers and other special customers feel welcomed into the casino and answer basic questions regarding their stay. Issuing comps in the form of free accommodations, entry to the floorshows, or other various perks and freebies is also generally handled by the casino host, although the casino manager and other higher-level employees also present valued customers with comps.

Good computer and communication skills are required, with applicants having an overall understanding of casino operations. Pay usually does not include tips directly from customers, but bonuses and sales commissions might be available, depending on the casino. Annual salary for this position typically starts at $25,000. (Also see Slot Hosts)

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