Roulette Dealers Service the Game All by Themselves Generally

Roulette Dealers

Only one person typically services this game. The dealer has the responsibility for changing cash or casino chips into roulette chips, spinning the wheel and dropping the ball, making sure players are not placing bets too late, placing the marker on the winning number, and collecting chips and paying off winning bets.
When a player leaves the table, the dealer must also exchange the roulette chips for either casino chips or cash.

As with other dealer positions, applicants should possess not only technical skills and knowledge of the game, but also good communication skills and the ability to add and count out chips and cash quickly. Dealers earn an hourly wage, usually around minimum wage or a few bucks higher, with tips making up a large portion of their income. Most players tip after big wins or at least before leaving the table, if the dealer has been courteous and helpful. And it’s proper roulette etiquette to always tip big when winning a straight-up bet. Since roulette is not as popular as blackjack or craps, there can be times when the dealer stands an entire shift at an empty or nearly empty table.

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